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Kate & Sam – The First Encounter

I watch my drunken friend being led out of the bar by Jesse and grin from ear-to-ear.

‘What are you smirking at?’

My grin widens and I turn to face Jesse’s cute mate, finding him eyeing me over his bottle of beer. His mousey hair is a mass of waves upon his adorable head and the short sleeves of his t-shirt are taut on lickable biceps. My tongue leaves my mouth involuntary and paints a wet trail across my bottom lip as I imagine doing just that. Licking him. Everywhere. ‘Can’t a girl just…smile?’

His lips curve around the mouth of his bottle, unleashing that fucking dimple. I hate that dimple. It disarms me in an instant and creates funny tingles between my thighs that tell me more than I’m prepared to acknowledge. ‘You weren’t smiling, Kate. You were grinning. There’s a difference.’

‘And what’s that?’ I ask cockily, tipping my glass to my lips nonchalantly, like I couldn’t care less whether he answers me or not. Annoyingly, I do care. Annoyingly, I want him to continue talking in the sex-filled timber. Annoyingly…I want him to talk to me in that tone while in bed. Any bed. Or up against a wall. Any wall.

He moves in close, resting his elbow on the bar table, getting way too close to my personal space. But intrigue mixed with a little lust blocks the instruction to move away. He’s holding me in place with twinkling eyes and that salacious grin – dimple and all. ‘A smile suggests happiness.’ he whispers in my face, reaching forward and scorching my bare arm with the tip of a finger. Thoughts of what Samuel Kelt could do with that finger make my stomach twist. ‘It’s pleasant to see and easy on the ear.’

‘Is that so?’ I’m still cocky in voice, but my body is ringing and nervous. Nervous of what he could reduce me to, given the chance.

‘That’s so,’ he confirms confidently, ‘but a grin…’ his finger draws a burning line down my arm to my hand. I tense and immediately scold myself for my weakness. ‘A grin suggests wicked thoughts and that elicits a throbbing cock. From me.’

Damn him! I gasp, making him grin again. His grin is definitely wicked and I don’t have a cock, but everything else is throbbing. And he knows it. Bastard. ‘Then I suggest you go home and remedy it.’

His bottle is placed neatly on the table and twirled a little as he muses something. Then his eyes lift and land on me with an almighty bang. Oh fuck. I can feel my boldness being sucked out of me. No man has ever reduced me to a weak female. No man has made me want to beg for them. Until now. I force myself to remain in position when he closes the distance, putting his lips within licking distance. ‘We both know that it is you who will be remedying my little issue.’ His hand clasps mine and lays it flat on his crotch. He’s solid. It’s beating.

My eyes widen, he grins that wicked grin, and I curse my usually indifferent arse to hell. I really really want to remedy his little problem, but I’m confused that I also really really don’t. A fumble under the sheets will spell game over for me. Time up. No more. I’ve got the goods and I’m out of there. Annoyingly, and really quite oddly, I’ll miss that cheeky grin if I don’t get to see it again. I want to stretch this out, not dive into bed with him and let that be it, because it most certainly will be. ‘No can do,’ I rip my hand from his groin and take a step back, giving my own little grin. I hope it’s as wicked as his, and I hope it makes his cock explode in his jeans.

My insolence is beaten down when he refuses to let me escape, moving in again and cornering me. ‘Listen, Red. I’m going to be fucking you tonight and you’re going to be begging me for more.’

I find my lost sass and scoff in his face, making his eyebrows jump up in surprise. It fuels me, and I put my face right up close to his. ‘Listen, twat, don’t call me Red. And I never beg.’ It’s unheard of. I also never give a repeat performance, mainly because I scare most men off with my spunk and incessant need to hold all of the cards – mainly in bed. I know what I want and if he’s not giving it to me, then I have no qualms telling him so. It’s not great for a man’s ego, I realise that, and this cocky swine has a massive ego. Yet he’s still grinning at me. It’s unsettling. ‘Never,’ I reinforce my promise on a defiant lift of my chin, but I’m not sure if I’m trying to convince myself here, or the annoyingly enticing man before me. I’ve never wanted a man so much, and that’s a silent confession to myself that I’ll never share, especially not with him.

‘Woman,’ he breathes in my face, ‘you’ll be eating those words once I’m done with you.’ He doesn’t give me a chance to scoff further. He smashes his mouth on mine and literally eats my words himself. I’m silently begging. ‘Yours or mine?’


The taxi ride home is torturous. He keeps his hands to himself and mine twitch at my side, my body buzzing. The second the cab rolls up outside my house, he’s throwing a note at the driver and I’m being dragged up the garden path, fumbling through my purse for my keys. Trying to turn my key in the lock while his lips are stuck to my neck, sucking and biting, is a near on impossible task. I give up and turn, my craving crossing the line of want and into the realms of desperation. Begging will be next if I’m not careful. He locates my mouth fast, plunging his tongue in urgently, his hands on a feeling frenzy all over my body. I’m moaning. He’s moaning. I drop my purse and grab his biceps, digging my fingernails into the hard flesh. ‘Open the fucking door before I fuck you in the street,’ he rumbles, pinning me to the wood by his hips.

‘Keys,’ I pant. ‘Door,’

His hand comes up beside my head and grapples at my keys that are hanging from the lock where I’ve abandoned them. I hear the mechanical shift and we’re falling through the front door, a tangle of flailing limbs and relentless tongues. Fuck me, he tastes delicious. My coolness has failed me, this irritatingly cute rogue the cause, and I have no intention of relocating it. The wall is at my back briskly, Sam tightly flush with my front, his hardness remaining contained but doing all sorts of sinful things to my mind and body already. I’m utterly consumed.

He breaks our kiss and pants in my face, a mild hint of a frown wriggling its way onto his brow. ‘I already know that we’ll be doing this again, so get ready to beg.’

‘I’ve already told you. I don’t beg.’ Why I’m choosing to goad him is a mystery. I’m ready to beg right here, right now, and we’re not even naked yet. But then he steps back and takes the hem of his t-shirt, a knowing glint in his eye as he peels it off. I‘m robbed of breath as my delighted eyes roam the plains of his torso. Fucking hell, he puts perfection to shame.

‘Like what you see?’ He’s grinning. I’d be stupid to feign casualness now. I’m not fucking blind.

‘It’s all right,’ I shrug. I just can’t help myself. I’m unbelievably stupid.

He actually laughs at me as he removes his jeans, kicking them to the side, and then his boxers. I nearly choke. ‘What about now?’

I cough all over my words. ‘Yeah, it could work.’

His laughter continues as I begin nervously sweating. In the whole of my single years, I’ve never been presented with such a precisely cut male. It excites me and frightens me all in one go. Every element of this guy screams pleasure. ‘Take your clothes off, Kate.’ He’s not laughing now. His command is edgy and harsh. I know I’m in no position to refuse, and more worryingly, I don’t want to. But I need to gather myself, gain some of my notorious spunk back. He’s stripped it from me and I need it, especially if tackling this guy.

I turn and rush up the stairs. ‘I’m just going to use the bathroom.’ I call, hearing the instant beating of bare feet in pursuit.


My pace quickens and I’m slamming the bathroom door shut in a panic, just catching a glimpse of an incredulous look on his maddeningly adorable face. I flip the lock and my back falls against the wood, my body heaving from exertion and unease. The feeling is alien, and I don’t fucking like it.

‘Open the fucking door, woman!’

‘I’ll be two minutes,’ I peel myself away and present my agitated form to the mirror. My nerves are plain and clear and written all over my pasty face. ‘Bollocks,’ I mutter, scrubbing at my cheeks, like I can wipe away the evidence. It’s useless. It isn’t just my face giving me away. I’m quaking in my heels, my eyes are brimming with lust and my nipples are painfully tight, poking shamelessly through the material of my dress. ‘Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks!’

‘Two minutes,’ he confirms. ‘Then I’m charging this door.’

I cast my eyes towards the lingering presence of his calm voice and conclude very swiftly that he is one hundred percent serious. My time is ticking, so I throw all of my energy into establishing some decent breaths and cooling my heated face.

‘One minute,’ he informs me on a husk, pulling my eyes back to the door in panic, completely undoing what I have achieved in the past sixty seconds – which wasn’t much. ‘Thirty seconds,’

‘All right!’ I snap, my face reheating, but now with irritation rather than discomforting lust. I yank at my dress, reside myself to the fact that a year in this bathroom wouldn’t sort me out, let alone another thirty seconds, and swing the door open on a scathing huff.

He’s not there. I frown and poke my head out of the door, peering down the hallway, and see his naked back disappear into a room. Ava’s bedroom. ‘Hey, get out of there!’ I hurry down, hearing him chuckling to himself, and land in Ava’s room to find him poking around in her top drawer. ‘Sam!’

He turns, grinning, and holds up a pair of lacy knickers. ‘I like,’ he muses, twirling them on the end of his finger, his pure nakedness sending me giddy. He’s solid and it’s pointing right at me. He has no shame.

I scowl and march over, snatching the piece of lace material off his finger. ‘These are Ava’s, you idiot! This is her room!’ I thrust a pointed finger to the door. ‘Out!’

He chuckles and heads for the door, his perfectly tight arse bunching and flexing as he wanders casually out. My scowl deepens, but then morphs into curiosity when his hand reaches to the side as he passes the threshold of the door and collects something from Ava’s unit. A scarf. He tosses a mischievous look over his shoulder, goading me. He won’t be disappointed. I stomp off after him, seeing the long length of material dragging the floor behind him, and just when I’m reaching to grab it, he swings around and throws the scarf over my head so it circles my neck, using the two ends as leverage to pull me into his body.

I gasp, my palms flying up to his naked chest to prevent the whole of my front from crashing into him. The heat of his chest burns my palms delightfully, making me wince and yank them away. He pulls the scarf tighter, leaving it impossible to keep a safe distance, and gets nose to nose with me, his eyes twinkling madly, his edible lips far too enticing for their own good. I’m fucked. ‘Did you find your resistance in the bathroom?’ he asks, his voice full of humour.

‘Yep,’ I lie through my teeth. My resistance went down the plug hole, along with my sass and confidence.

‘Sure,’ he whispers, starting to step back, leaving me no choice but to follow. ‘Bedroom, kitchen, couch? I’m not particularly bothered where I fuck you, but I’ll let you have this one final choice.’


‘You get to choose the location. From there on, what happens is down to me. And I can guarantee at least two things.’

‘What’s that?’ I ask cockily, continuing to follow, wondering if I want to even know.

‘I’m going to be the best you’ve had,’ he steals a hungry kiss, blinding me with the harsh possession of his exorable tongue. ‘And you will be begging for more.’

I don’t argue this time. I’m too busy soaking up his glorious thrusting tongue. Oh, shit, he can kiss and it only serves to make my mind race with what else he can do so well. I bet the list is endless. ‘Whatever you say, Samuel.’

‘Fighting talk, woman.’ He disconnects our mouths, and I only mildly note that we’ve found our way into my bedroom. I can’t seem to sever our eye contact, which is rare and highly worrying. His eyes narrow into challenging slits. ‘Let’s see if we can fuck that smart mouth into silence.’ He drags the scarf from my neck, the material burning my skin further, and virtually rips my dress from my body. There’s nothing I could do to stop him, or want to. I’m breathless and desperate, two things that haven’t happened since Dan. I quickly bat thoughts of him out of my mind. No good will come of it, and it proves pretty damn easy, anyway, when Sam’s lovely eyes drop to my chest and note my bare breasts. He grins, licking his lips, and takes one of the hard pebbles between his finger and thumb. Hard. I gulp as the pain shoots straight down my torso and smacks into my groin. I’m instantly flooded. ‘Rather quiet there, Kate.’ He teases, flicking sanctimonious eyes to mine. ‘Nothing to say?’

I search deep for my trusty feisty streak, locating it at the very tip of my throbbing clitoris where it’s relishing in pleasure and refusing to help me out. ‘Fuck,’ is the only word that materialises and it materialises on a pathetic, surrendering whisper. He has me, and the luscious grin on his dimple invaded face tells me he knows it.

I’m pushed on the bed and he crawls up my body, taking my hands in one of his and holding them above my head. The scarf appears again, instantly tensing my shoulders. ‘Oh no,’ I laugh, wriggling under him, hissing and bucking when his cock pushes into my belly as he quickly manoeuvres and pins me beneath his straddling thighs.

‘Oh yes,’ he growls, binding my hands at lightning speed and threading the remaining material through one of the bars on my headboard. I glance up, noting the expert work, and realise in an instant that I’m in big trouble.

‘Sam!’ I yell, fury mixing with the uncontrollable desire he’s evoking from me. ‘You can fuck right off!’ I yank and pull to no avail and shout when he grabs my cheeks and tugs my face to his.

‘Me and you will get along much better if you stop playing hardball.’

‘Fuck off!’

He laughs and pinches both of my nipples again. ‘Woman, I feel some begging coming on.’

‘Ouch! Fucking hell!’ He’s driving me fucking nuts! I make it as difficult as possible for him when he starts to pull my knickers down my thighs, kicking out and shouting like a deranged fool.

‘Something tells me you like to be in control.’ he muses, discarding my underwear and raising to his knees. ‘Are you on birth control?’

‘Fuck off!’

He chuckles and drops his mouth to my breast, biting down. ‘Are you clean?’

I yelp and moan and cry and writhe. ‘Fuck off!’

‘I’m taking all of that as a yes,’ His fingers find my trembling folds and push into me unforgivingly.

‘Oh God!’ I’m instantly tense around him and my head starts shaking from side-to-side in despair. ‘Please!’

The bastard takes a cheeky glimpse up at my sweaty form, victory plastered all over his irritatingly handsome face. ‘I believe we’ve just had our first plea.’ He circles his fingers accurately, making me spit out another shameless appeal for mercy. ‘And another,’ he rasps, smashing his mouth to mine. I eat him alive. All of the fight has been pleasured out of me and he’s only just started. ‘Fuck me, woman.’ he mumbles. ‘I’m clean.’

I nod against him, my concern for protection abandoned. I’m clean, too, and I’m also on the pill, but it’s never been a reason to be careless, or even trust the man I’m with to be truthful. Yet right now, I can’t get past the obscenely amazing sensations that he’s torturing me with to be concerned by it. I want this cute little swine more than I’ve ever wanted anything. He’s disarmed me, tied me up and taken control, and that would usually be a sure-fire way to see me turning my back, but not with Sam. Bollocks!

With the fast removal of his fingers and the sharp shift of his hips, he thunders forward on a harsh bark, punching a fist into the mattress on each side of my head and raising his stupidly cut chest into my view. If I could find my senses, I could probably find the energy to dribble at the sight, but he withdraws fast and drives back in, oh so fucking deep, moaning and dropping his chin to his chest. His hair falls forward and the urge to feel it as he hammers into me is overwhelming, but my hands are going nowhere.

‘Untie me!’ I scream as he hits me with a punishing blow of his narrow hips. My demand pulls his head up, smugness rife through the sweat and strain on his face.

‘Nuh-uh,’ he pants, sending me dizzy with his addictive grin. ‘My game, my rules, and I say you will remain at my mercy.’ Bang!

‘Sam, please!’ Every nerve ending is buzzing, tormenting me. He stops moving, holding still. It’s painful. I’m helpless and while this is something I strive to avoid, right now I’m egging him on. I need him to fuck me into submission.

‘Beg, woman. Beg me to fuck you.’

‘Please,’ I don’t hesitate. ‘Please, fuck me!’ I never thought those words would pass my lips. Not ever.

‘With great pleasure,’ His tone is dripping with satisfaction and he falls straight into an unrelenting pounding, smashing into me repeatedly and ruthlessly. I scream, my thighs falling further open, giving his hard, expert body the room it’s demanding. I’m now willing and accepting and I’m out of my stubborn mind on the headiest pleasure that I have ever experienced.

He remains raised above me, hips pushing on and on and on, sweat springing from his forehead from the exertion. ‘You feel fucking amazing, woman.’

‘Shit, Sam!’

‘You gonna come?’


‘Fuck!’ he pulls out fast, shocking me to the core, my approaching orgasm being scared into hiding from the sudden halt in friction.

‘What are you doing?’ I yell, lifting my head, outraged.

‘Shut up, Kate.’ he spits, raising to his knees, defining every lickable muscle, and yanking my lower body onto his waiting lap. He thrusts upward, making me choke on a cough as he pounds into me again on an ear-piercing bark.

My pleasure rockets, my head falling back to the bed. ‘Oh Jesus,’ He’s severe, determined…fucking amazing. His power and unforgiving force cripples me. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and I’m fully aware that I’m at risk of becoming utterly addicted to it. To him. If I wasn’t coasting furiously toward a body splitting climax, I might give the train of thought more attention, but all I can focus on with any conviction is the pleasure induced haze he’s shoved me into.

I’m going.

It’s coming.

And then I feel a pressure on the tip of my clit and I’m tossed into an abyss of indescribable sensations, screaming his name until my throat feels like sandpaper and there’s no breath left in my lungs. Sam’s own roar, followed up by a wild buck of his shaking hips indicates his own climax and he drops my body, coming down with me so he’s still held snuggly within me, and circles deeply and deliciously, wheedling every modicum of pleasure from us both. We’re heaving. We’re sweating. We’re both speechless.

And I’m totally screwed.

An age of heavy breathing passes until he slides his face up my cheek, licking as he goes, finding my mouth and kissing me far too tenderly, given what we’ve just engaged in together. Hard, fast, furious fucking. ‘We will be doing that again very soon.’ he whispers.

I accept his sweet kiss, not bothering to argue, because deep down I wholeheartedly know that we absolutely will.

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    1. Perfect. Behind his cheeky demeanour an Alpha. I knew he be experienced as he is a member of The Manor. But he still kept his light heartedness. Thanks Jodie a bloody good glimpse of their story.

  1. Awesome-now I want to read the whole This Man series again. I’ve read it numerous times. Defiantly in my top 3 favorite series. Loved the more in depth knowledge of Sam and Kate’s attraction to each other.

  2. LOVE IT!
    I truly love Kate and Sam during This man books, but this… this is glory. Thanks so much Jodi.
    As president of you fan club here in Argentina (JEMAO) we translate this POV to the fans who can’t read it in english and they loved it too. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

    We can’t wait for the new trilogy. Please, don’t take to long.


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    Loved it! Would love a book with those two!

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  15. Wow I absolutely loved this meeting of these 2 Kate and Sam now need a full size book on them pretty please

    1. Thank you 🙂 My next novel THE FORBIDDEN releases August 8th <3 You can find all the details on the books page of the website <3

  16. Soooo good. I also want to what happened with them in This Man Confessed, once Dan leaves and after Kate and Ava’s chat in the loo

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