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A short story in aid of The Eve Appeal

I’ve written a short story 🙂

It has a title, and it also has an amazing cover! I’ll be sharing these with you next week.

Many of you will know that I support The Eve Appeal, a women’s cancer charity. I’ll be releasing the story in September to mark Gynaecologic Cancer Awareness Month and to help raise money for this amazing charity. Like I’ve said, it is a small story (around 5K words), but it has a big message. I hope you’ll deem it worthwhile investing 0.99p on reading it.

Every single penny of profit from the sales of this short story will be going to The Eve Appeal.

I hope a few of my words can make a big difference to a lot of women.

JEM xxx

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  1. I have no problems buying any book full length or short when its for such a great cause, esp one I support any way

  2. I, for one, cannot wait to read your short story. Your words are pure magic, and just because there are less words doesn’t mean they will be any less powerful. And the proceeds going to Eve Appeal?? Brilliant!! Love you Jodi!!!

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