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Gentleman Sinner Autographed Paperback (UK Edition)


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Autographed edition of Gentleman Sinner

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Signed paperback edition of Gentleman Sinner, a dark, angsty romance you won’t forget.



Izzy White knows of the darkness in this world.
After all, she escaped it long ago.

Determined not to let her past beat her, Izzy has a secure, stable life with a job she loves in nursing. But one act of kindness will completely upend everything she’s so carefully built—putting her right back in the crosshairs of danger she’s been so desperate to avoid.

When Theo Kane shows up like a knight in shining armor, Izzy can’t help but think she’s been saved from one threat and exposed to another. His imposing physique, the harsh lines of his face, and the wariness of everyone who comes close to him are just a few clues to Theo Kane’s notorious reputation. The man is positively terrifying. But with Izzy, he’s tender— a complete gentleman—and her fascination with the enigmatic beast of a man becomes too powerful to walk away from.

As Theo’s demons come to light and Izzy’s past starts to catch up with her, running becomes even more impossible. And yet she knows that staying together could destroy them both.


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