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3...2...1...Zero, Baby!

Hello, Jesse.

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Tyler Cook.

Photo credit: Brett Ziegler

Photo credit: Brett Ziegler

I doubted there was a man alive who could pull off our lord.

Then Tyler trampled on up and BLEW ME AWAY.

So, yes. Here he is.

Our Lord of The Manor.

This Man Casting Announcements...

The Protector Movie

Available to stream now!

Trailers for The Protector Movie

The Protector Movie Soundtrack

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Fancy a Quickie?

Introducing the PassionFlix Quickies!

There’s this super cool section on the PassionFlix platform called The Wine & Cheese Lounge, where you can find interviews with the cast, movie bloopers, and now these short, fun, SUPER HOT mini movies.

The first Quickie was written by JEM and directed by Tosca Musk, and it is available to stream right now!

And here is the pre-Quickie to the Quickie, otherwise known as the trailer.

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What is PassionFlix?

PassionFlix is a new online streaming network that’s dedicated to bringing the books you love to screen, and I’m so thrilled to be working with them . THE PROTECTOR Movie is now available to stream and the production of the THIS MAN TV Series is scheduled to commence summer 2020. 

Passionflix already have some amazing original content available, including, of course, The Protector Movie. Find out more about  PassionFlix by heading to their website or Facebook Page.

Passion is here! 

Everything You Need To Know

Original Content
PassionFlix are a subscription streaming service that are turning bestselling romance novels into movies and series. From sweet and sassy to sultry and steamy, their originals will leave you gasping for more. Only on  Passionflix.


Romantic Classics
Passionflix will have your favourite romance movies, as well as some undiscovered gems. Every one handpicked for your viewing pleasure.


Barometer of Naughtiness
Sometimes you want naughty, sometimes you want nice. Introducing the Barometer of Naughtiness, just tweak the dial and find movies to match your mood. What’s your BON?

Subscribe monthly.

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When is THE PROTECTOR Movie available?
It already is. Click here


When is THIS MAN releasing?

The script is done, the cast has been found, and we’re heading into filming now! More to come on official release dates soon


Is PassionFlix available internationally?

Yes. All original content is available through the App, and some content will be made available on Amazon, too. DVD’s are currently in the works.

How much is subscription?

PassionFlix are currently offering subscription for £3.99 per month You can subscribe by pushing the PassionFlix Button 



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