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An excerpt from Gentleman Sinner & an exclusive gift for you!

Are you ready fora bit of #teasertuesday from ????????? ??????? I bet you’re not. ?God, I’m dying for you to read this book! But until then, here’s a little hint of Izzy’s tangle.

Coming Feb 5th from Forever Romance & Orion Publishing Group…


According to Theo Kane, only the unwise say no to him. I don’t think I’m unwise to refuse his offer. Actually, I think I’m very wise. Being unwise would be to dip my toe in Theo’s world. Being unwise would be to explore the reactions he evokes from me. Being unwise would be to allow the sense of safety he offers to distract me from my mission to keep myself safe. And what’s he going to do when I say no to him, anyway? Put that gun of his to my head? I laugh under my breath. Bring it on. I’ve lived half my life with an imaginary gun held at my temple. ~ Izzy White

Theo is coming, guys! And he’s gonna karate chop you in the feels. Take a look below at the amazing gifts my publishers are offering to my wonderful followers. Stocks are limited, so make sure you register to receive yours. And please note, if you pre-ordered Gentleman Sinner before January 11th, you are still eligible to get your JEM goodies. Don’t miss out!


Jodi Ellen Malpas and her publishers are excited to offer two exclusive gifts for U.S., Canadian and UK readers who pre-order Gentleman Sinner.

You are invited to order a copy of Gentleman Sinner from your favourite retailer and help spread the word using #GentlemanSinner on Twitter or Instagram.

Participants will receive a two-part giveaway of JEM goodies:

  1. A free download of a bonus scene from With This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas; previously only available in the UK paperback edition sold exclusively at ASDA.
  2. An exclusive print of the poem featured in Gentleman Sinner by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Here’s how it works:

  • Upload a proof-of-purchase between at the prompt below. (Receipts with book purchases before January 11 will count.)
  • You will instantly receive a link to access your free download of a bonus scene from With This Man.
  • Your exclusive Gentleman Sinner print will be mailed to you in February 2019 (while supplies last). Participants must be able to receive mail in the United States, Canada & the UK only.

Pre-order your copy now, then complete the form to claim your gifts.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Apple Books



Click Here To Claim Your FREE gifts in the UK



             The Book                                              The Poem in Print


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