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A reading from Leave Me Breathless (I swear a teeny tiny bit)

Giving into desire could destroy them, but denying their passion is impossible…

Hannah Bright has finally found a place to hide from her past, in the quiet town of Hampton. But the peace she needs is disrupted when she meets Ryan Willis. Insanely handsome and highly dangerous, Ryan is exactly the kind of man Hannah needs to avoid…

Reconsidering his career in private protection, Ryan is home to figure out his next move. Meeting Hannah is definitely not part of his plan, yet their attraction is undeniable and Ryan can’t resist her. But Hannah has a dangerous secret, and Ryan won’t stop until he finds out what she’s hiding. Nothing prepares him for what he discovers.

Can Ryan keep Hannah safe? Or will her past destroy any chance they have for a future together…

An excerpt from pg 22 “The Meet”



     UK Edition                       US Edition


And don’t forget (I’m sure you won’t because I keep reminding you ?) you can preorder and make sure you have it to read the very second it’s released! Yay to that. ?

Here are the links:

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