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The Protector

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Your excitement really excites me! Please don’t think that the wait is any less painful for me. It isn’t. I am desperate for you to meet my new man, Jake Sharp! I’m getting lots of questions, so I’m going to try and answer them all here. If I’ve missed anything, feel free to ask below.

JEM xxx


UK release ➡️ September 8th 2016

U.S release ➡️ September 6th 2016

Foreign translations ➡️ I’ll share release dates as and when I’m notified.

Is The Protector a trilogy? ➡️ No, it’s a stand alone 🙂 A start, a middle and an end all in one book 🙂

Is there a synopsis? ➡️ Yes, you’ll find it on my website here…  The Protector Synopsis

Whose point of view is it written from? ➡️ It is written from both Jake’s and Camille’s perspective. One chapter from Jake, one from Camille, and so on.

Will there be teasers and excerpts released before publication? ➡️ God, yes! And I can’t wait to share a few snippets with you.

Can I pre-order? ➡️ Yep. Here are all the links….



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  1. Are they any more books that are to be brought out? I have currently read all this man and one night trilogy plus the protector. I can’t get enough of your books there brill x

    1. Hi! I also have ALL I AM available, as well as The Forbidden. With This Man, the 4th book from Jesse’s POV will be out in March 2018 🙂 Happy reading!

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